How do you choose which events to cover?

Right Hand Reports subscriptions and individual reports are designed to deliver detailed information from the most widely valuable power and electric utility industry event reports each year. (You can request a list of planned events by using the Contact Form.) To ensure the reports’ value to decision-makers, events are chosen based on their potential to provide insight into the future of the power industry—those focused on markets, technology and business innovation, policy, and regulation.

Why are most listed events in the U.S.?

Most events chosen for coverage will be located in and focused on the U.S., to best serve our North American customers. (Subscriptions and individual reports are only available to customers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico at this time.) However, several events will be global in scope, whether they take place in the U.S. or elsewhere, because technology and fuel markets are global.

Why isn’t [favorite event] listed?

Some events will be covered each year, while others will rotate on and off the list to accommodate scheduling, provide variety, and address emerging trends of broad interest. Events typically not covered include technology user group meetings, academic conferences, gatherings known mostly for their trade shows, and vendor-hosted events. Except for those covering important current or emerging issues and technologies of broad value, “niche” events for specific technologies and fuels will not be included. Also see the first answer.

What if I’ve looked at the events for future coverage and am mostly interested in just five of the ten? Can I purchase them individually?

Some reports may be available for individual purchase, but there is no guarantee all will be available as single reports. Single reports will be available after reports have been sent to subscribers—as soon as they are available, which is about a week after each event. Right Hand Reports subscriptions are like a newspaper or magazine subscription—but with greater predictability about what you’ll get! You might subscribe to a certain magazine for a couple of specific reasons, but you probably find yourself engaged by several other elements that you didn’t anticipate. By providing access to a range of significant events, we aim to deliver business intelligence on a wide array of factors affecting today’s and tomorrow’s power and electric utility industry and to those who follow that industry. Subscriptions also provide a cost saving over individually purchased reports. (Note that, as of August 1, 2018, the subscription option is currently unavailable.)

What’s the publication frequency?

Because the timing of chosen events will vary from year to year, and because certain times of the year tend to be busier for industry events, reports will not be published at the same time each month, and some months may have no reports—or may have more than one. Regardless of when you subscribe, you will receive at least 10 reports in your 12-month subscription period.

What’s the subscription period?

This is an annual subscription that runs from the first of the month in which you subscribe. If you subscribe on the 28th of a month, you will receive any reports produced in the month in which you subscribe. Note that subscriptions do not autorenew. You will be reminded to resubscribe before your current subscription expires, at which time you will be able to update any contact or payment information.

What does an annual subscription cost?

You’ll find current pricing on the Shop page. If we are running any special discounts (provided to our email list subscribers and sometimes via Twitter and Facebook), the discounted price will show up on your Cart page after you enter your coupon code. If you’re not ready to subscribe now but would like to be reminded later, sign up for our email list using the form below.

Do you offer discounts for nonprofits, government, small firms, or individual consultants?

No. Even for sole proprietors, the subscription is priced to deliver exceptional value. The service saves you both precious travel time and budget. You get access to at least 10 events for about the price of travel for just one person to two events.

Do you have a refund policy?

Right Hand Reports does not provide refunds for subscriptions. However, you may download a free sample report (ARPA-E 2017) before you subscribe. Subscriptions may also be transferred to another individual in the same business organization with the same email domain if the original subscriber no longer wishes to subscribe. If you wish to transfer your subscription, or if your email address changes, please send a request via the Contact Form.

How do you deliver reports?

Pdf reports are delivered via email as soon as they are available. A link to download the report from a cloud server can be provided to those whose organizational policy prohibits opening attachments.

What do reports include?

Exact coverage will vary based on the nature and scope of each event. All reports will include: information about the event (organizer, attendees, etc.); executive summary including event “headline news” and analysis; details of sessions and associated events that are of most interest to those in and following the power and electric utility sector; and closing commentary by the editor.

When an event has concurrent sessions, how do you decide which to cover?

By selecting the session that’s likely to be of the most interest to the most subscribers. That might be because of the topic’s timeliness, the speakers involved, or the session’s ability to provide access to information that is not otherwise widely available.

Can I email a Right Hand Reports pdf to my team of 20?

Yes, if they are all within your immediate organization. What counts as an “organization”? You’re either located in the same building or operate under the same business division name and use the same “organization name” in your email signature. Large corporations and organizations usually have many divisions. Any company or entity doing business nationally or globally, for example, will have multiple organizations, and a single subscription is not intended to be shared across the entire global enterprise. The intent is to allow “reasonable sharing” within an organization.

Can I sign up for my own subscription even though my boss, employees, or peers may have their own subscriptions?

Of course! Some folks will want individual subscriptions to guarantee that they receive their copy of each report as soon as it’s available. After all, ensuring that you have access to exclusive industry intel could give you an edge within your organization as well as help your organization succeed in its external mission.

Can I use material from Right Hand Reports in a company report, blog post, conference presentation, customer presentation, [you name it]?

Yes, but remember to (a) put quotes around the exact words used in a report or accurately summarize non-exact excerpts, b) identify the material as coming from “Report Title” [month and year] Right Hand Reports, (c) limit the passage (whether quoted or summarized) to under 100 words, and (d) ensure the number of passages is no more than five per report. It’s a copyright protection issue. If you wish to use a larger portion for a particular reason, use the Contact Form to make a request and we’ll see what we can work out. (By the way, we appreciate feedback on how, when, and why you share information from Right Hand Reports, as it helps us serve subscribers better.)

How do I know if I am eligible to subscribe?

At this time, Right Hand Reports are only available to customers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. If you would like your country to be included in the future, please send us a message using the Contact Form to explain why it would be worth adding it (for more than just a single subscriber). We’ll periodically revisit the countries included. In the meantime, we’ll add you to our email list and let you know if your country is added in the future.