How do you choose which events to cover?

Right Hand Reports reports are designed to deliver detailed information from the most widely valuable power and electric utility industry event reports each year. To ensure the reports’ value to decision-makers, events are chosen based on their potential to provide insight into the future of the power industry—those focused on markets, technology and business innovation, policy, and regulation. Clients can also commission a report on a particular event.

Why are most listed events in the U.S.?

Most events covered have been held in and focused on the U.S., to best serve our North American customers. (This report service is only available to customers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico at this time.) However, several events will be global in scope, whether they take place in the U.S. or elsewhere, because technology and fuel markets are global.

Do you have a refund policy?

Right Hand Reports does not provide refunds. However, you may request a free sample report via the Contact Form.

How do you deliver reports?

Pdf reports are delivered via email as soon as they are available. A link to download the report from a cloud server can be provided to those whose organizational policy prohibits opening attachments.

What do reports include?

Exact coverage will vary based on the nature and scope of each event. All reports will include: information about the event (organizer, attendees, etc.); executive summary including event “headline news” and analysis; details of sessions and associated events that are of most interest to those in and following the power and electric utility sector; and closing commentary by the editor. Clients commissioning a report may request coverage of specific sessions when there is more than one track.

Can I use material from Right Hand Reports in a company report, blog post, conference presentation, customer presentation, [you name it]?

Yes, but remember to (a) put quotes around the exact words used in a report or accurately summarize non-exact excerpts, b) identify the material as coming from “Report Title” [month and year] Right Hand Reports, (c) limit the passage (whether quoted or summarized) to under 100 words, and (d) ensure the number of passages is no more than five per report. It’s a copyright protection issue. If you wish to use a larger portion for a particular reason, use the Contact Form to make a request and we’ll see what we can work out.