Events Covered     

Each year, the editor and publisher of Right Hand Reports (the former editor of POWER) creates a “Top 10” roster of power industry events. These events promise to deliver substantive value to the wide range of individuals, companies, and organizations operating in and with the electric utility industry.

Most events, but not all, will be located in the U.S. Several will be global in scope. (After all, supply chains, financing, and project development are global, while policy implications are increasingly global.) Some events will be covered each year; others will rotate on and off of the roster to accommodate scheduling, to provide variety, and to cover emerging trends of broad value to the industry.

Vendor-hosted events will not be included, except in rare instances. Equipment-specific events (such as user group meetings) and those with a predominantly trade show focus will not usually be included. For more details, see the FAQ page.

To see which events are slated for coverage in the next 12 months, please request the current list by using the Contact Form on this site.

Previously Covered Events to Date & Sample Report

2017 ARPA-E Summit (hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy) Available as a free, sample report: ARPA-E 2017.

Energy Storage North America (38 pages), August 2017

EnergySec Security and Compliance Summit (32 pages), August 2017

Solar Power International (30 pages), September 2017

HOMER International Microgrids Conference (37 pages), September 2017

Canadian Energy Research Institute Electricity Conference (45 pages), October 2017

NARUC Annual Meeting and Educational Conference (35 pages), November 2017

MIT Energy Conference (46 pages), March 2018

ESA Energy Storage 2018 (39 pages), April 2018

Goldilocks (Just Right) Coverage

Right Hand Reports deliver more intel than a bunch of tweets and more comprehensive coverage than a news item—all in a readable report that’s just right.

Every form has its function:

  • Tweets are fun and can be attention-getting, but they only provide random sound bites from attendees who happened to have their thumbs free.
  • News items covering events tend to focus on one or two sessions or speakers—whatever a reporter or editor thinks will generate the most clicks.
  • Event “proceedings,” when they’re available, typically consist of PowerPoint slides (for presenters who had them). These can actually raise more questions than they answer when reviewed without the actual speaker’s comments.
  • Videos of selected sessions take more time to watch or listen to than reading essential highlights from those sessions.

Right Hand Reports provide meaty, carefully selected and organized material from each event. You get first-hand reporting and independent analysis. There’s no promotion from the event organizer or parties with a vested interest in the event or topics covered.

Reports vary in length—depending on any given event’s duration and complexity—but tend to run between 30 and 45 pages.

Exceptional Value 

A typical two- to three-day event for one person would cost $2,000+ in travel expenses plus $1,000 to $1,500 or more for event registration. Send just one person to two average events, and you’re spending at least $6,000. Right Hand Reports provide extensive, substantive coverage of the most valuable sessions for far less than the cost of a single trip–without the travel hassles.

What if you plan to attend a particular event anyhow? Great! You’ll be able to focus on the in-person benefits, like networking and business development, while knowing that you won’t have to prepare a trip report when you’re back in the office. Reports will be provided within a week of the event’s close. And, unlike traditional news stories about industry events—scattered among multiple newsfeeds and websites and covering selected elements of each gathering—Right Hand Reports provide comprehensive coverage in one convenient pdf that you can easily annotate, store, and retrieve at any time.


Right Hand Reports does not promote any particular fuel, technology, policy, or company and never accepts advertising. Furthermore, your contact information will never be sold or shared (other than to fulfill orders).

The decision to not accept advertising keeps this service independent, it keeps the site clear of annoying ads, and it keeps your email free of “partner” marketing. You just get what you pay for: Exclusive, Independent, Power Industry Reports.

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Want More Information?

To see a list of currently planned events for the next 12 months, please make your request via the Contact Form on this site.

Still not sure? Want to see a free sample report? You can download one here: ARPA-E 2017

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Who Produces Right Hand Reports?      

The editor and publisher of Right Hand Reports is Gail Reitenbach, PhD (that’s me), former editor of POWER magazine. At POWER, I led the brand’s coverage of all business and technology issues during a period of unprecedented industry change—2013 to 2016—after serving as POWER’s managing editor for a decade. I ensured that we covered not just familiar topics but also new technologies and emerging trends, from carbon capture and microgrids to big data analytics and the role of global electricity customers in changing the generation mix.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I used a photo of a bald eagle on the home page of this site, here’s the story. I shot it near Squamish, British Columbia, in December 2015. Many hundreds—sometimes thousands—of eagles from across North America congregate there toward the end of each year to feast on salmon. I love that the image combines a U.S. national emblem and Canadian mountains. It reminds me that the continent’s apex birds don’t recognize geopolitical borders—they just know where to go for the best food! I hope you’ll make Right Hand Reports your go-to place for the best in power and electric utility event coverage.

I look forward to welcoming you as a customer! And if you see me at an event you happen to be attending, please say hello. You can also reach me by using this Contact Form.